Autodesk Account home

by on October 04, 2018

We’re improving Autodesk Account to help you more efficiently find critical information, activate and access products, and manage users. These improvements provide admins even more flexible control in how they choose to manage their users and products, and provide users easier access to the tools they need.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Autodesk Account home: Quickly find and act on critical information
    • Download recently purchased products and latest product updates
    • Get customized info based on your role (admin or user), including: tour videos, new Autodesk Account features and open support tickets
  2. Sign in to activate and access: Use Autodesk ID to activate and access products
    • Instant access by signing in anywhere, from any device• Access to collaboration, rendering, and other benefits
    • No need to track serial numbers
  3. New view of user management: Manage easier with a more intuitive experience
    • Manage users by product or person
    • Change user role in one click
    • Get personalized user assignment emails

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