Generative design for busy people

by Jad Dellel on March 22, 2018

Generative design is the process of defining high-level goals and constraints and using the power of computation to generate thousands of great solutions. From those solutions you choose the design that best fits your needs.

So, how people are using generative design?

Let’s explore quickly three examples:

  • Autodesk's new office building in the MaRS Innovation District of Toronto was designed by The Living architecture studio using generative design. After understanding the employees’ needs for maximum productivity and a pleasing work environment within the building—collaboration, natural light, privacy, and more—multiple plans were created based on these preferences.
  • In 2015 MX3D became the first company to use generative design to create a bridge. Three-dimensional printing robots will manufacture the bridge to span a canal in Amsterdam.
  • Airbus created an airplane partition forty-five percent than conventional partitions, resulting in huge savings in fuel costs and carbon footprints. This was done using generative design.

Getting started with generative design

If you are from the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, the first step toward getting started with generative design is to learn Dynamo and Project Fractal.

We know you are busy, so to help you learn these time-saving tools we are launching the Generative Design for Busy People webinar series.

This series will focus on practical applications Dynamo use. AEC industry experts, Autodesk specialists, and your peers will share insights and real-world examples to enhance your learning experience.

Watch the recording of the three episodes in this series:

  1. EP1: Kick-off.
  2. EP2: Practical Examples
  3. EP3: Think like a Dynamo scripter

Register for the next episode in the series:

EP4: Space Planning
October 22nd, 2018 11 AM ET | 8 AM PT

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