Understanding your Autodesk token consumption with Forge

Bastien Mazeran, Designated Support Specialist, at Autodesk on December 18, 2018

The Forge development team is always working hard to add new APIs to the Forge Platform.

Today, I am excited to talk about the new TokenFlex Usage Data Forge API. This API provides insights into software utilization metrics, such as types of products being utilized as well as token consumption for both desktop and cloud products/services.

This API was specifically created for our largest Enterprise customers in mind, as it can only report and query usage metrics against TokenFlex agreements.

The Autodesk Forge Platform is uniquely positioned to address this custom analytics challenge, as it is built from the ground-up with cloud platform technologies, services and strategic expertise in enterprise systems.

As a business owner, license or compliance manager, have you ever wondered how to?

  • Effectively tie Autodesk solutions usage to your projects (e.g.: determine how many clash detections are generated per project)?
  • Get insights on 3D tools usage and how well you are tracking on your 2D to 3D transformation
  • Ensure you are using all the seats you have purchased (actual to plan reports, training consideration)
  • Ensure users are using the right tool for the right job
  • Create internal chargeback reports (cost sharing)

If your answer is yes to one or more of those questions, please read on the below two articles that will give you two different examples of what you can do today with Forge around token usage analytics:

Exporting your usage data, the easy way with Forge

Building your token usage dashboard with Forge

Note that token consumption reporting can be made more precise using location data and functional groups specific to your company.

Please take time to learn more about this new Forge API and let us know what you think.

And if it is your first experience with Forge, please watch the Forge Basics video.

Looking forward to seeing you forging ahead with us!

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