Simulation mechanical
Simulation Mechanical "end of sale" and long-term vision

Following the 2018 release, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical will be going through a phased discontinuation. New subscriptions to Simulation Mechanical will not be available, but customers can still use it and renew. Simulation Mechanical customers ...

Fusion 360 2017
Fusion 360 roadmap highlights

There are many reasons why Fusion 360 stand out and differs from other solutions; agile product development and new releases every three weeks. Read an overview strategic development direction and some of the key updated features.

Connecting engineering and bim
Connecting Engineering and BIM data

Engineering models often carry a high degree of geometric detail, since they’re used for manufacturing and production purposes. While this creates a very accurate design representation, there are several reasons why it’s sometimes useful to simpli...

Inventor family 002 square
Connected design in a multi-CAD environment

Professional-Grade Design is all about the core functionality users need every day. One of the biggest challenges in any design and engineering department is operating in a multi-CAD environment, where several disconnected design solutions must co...

Corporate non technical 16
Getting Started with Autodesk Forge

The Forge Platform contains an expanding collection of web service components that can be used with Autodesk cloud-based products or your own technologies. It unlocks the functionality in Autodesk products that have been serving industries such as...

Ar hub 2
Quality Analyst exploring Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has primarily been used by the military and aviation (sometimes known as HUD or “heads up display”), but has not been widely adapted for or adopted by the general public. AR's advantage is the user’s ability to view the worl...

Connected bim meetup
Connected BIM Meetup: VR, Reality Capture, and 3D Printing

Join us at our Autodesk Montreal office for an exclusive Enterprise Priority customer meetup to discover how the Connected BIM is using the power of Reality Capture, Virtual Reality, and 3D Printing to help you grow your business and win more proj...

Maya introduces XGen Interactive Grooming tools for game characters

In the latest Maya 2017 Update 3 release, Autodesk has taken hair cards creation workflows to the next level so that you can use the new XGen Interactive Grooming tools from Maya 2017 to create your cards.