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Autodesk Future of Making Things Podcast

On May 1st, Autodesk launched the Future of Making Things SoundCloud channel, a dedicated platform established to promote the voice of our customers sharing their stories of innovation through technology.

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Up-To-Date: The first step toward maximizing your software investment

Upgrading and staying up-to-date with software is probably the first and most impactful step that any CAD or IT Manager can take to maximize the efficiency of company investment in Autodesk. We understand that there are significant efforts involve...

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Generative design for busy people

We are launching a webinar series focused on time-saving practical applications of generative design.

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Connected BIM news is back

We are launching the second season of Connected BIM News. Tune in to see upcoming events, product updates, and industry trends.

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Preparing for the future of making things in design and manufacturing

Two technologies that are truly shaping our agenda for the near future are generative design and additive manufacturing. Let's talk about what's happening with each of them.

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Product updates in Autodesk Account - Introducing the Search function

We have make it easier than ever to search through your long list of product updates, which includes features that you and your users have access to.

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Get started with Forge using these learning paths

Get started building new apps using the Forge Platform using these learning paths.

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What the heck is Forge?

Forge is the new Autodesk cloud-based platform allowing you to develop your own cloud-based application and focus your innovation on solving design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges.