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Annotation in AutoCAD LT

Add annotations to your drawings.

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Edit Drawings in AutoCAD

Edit drawings using a variety of tools.

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Autodesk Account - Consumption Reporting Updates

See how the enhancements made to the CORE dashboard provide better navigation, simplified reporting views, emphasized summary for a quick glance of token usage, and ability to more easily spot usage trends.

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The Effective Architect Part 1: Plan Your Work

In this 5-part series, we’re going to look at 25 ways you can work smarter, not harder in 2019. Part 1 focuses on planning your work.

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Successfully integrating with the new Token Flex Usage Data API

Teaching you how to integrate with the new Token Flex Usage Data API

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Building your token usage dashboard with Forge

This article introduces a sample web dashboard application, you can reuse today to quickly build your own consumption reporting dashboard solution.

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Exporting your usage data, the easy way with Forge

In this article, learn more about the export capability of the new Forge TokenFlex Usage Data API.

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Understanding your Autodesk token consumption with Forge

This article talks about the new TokenFlex Usage Data Forge API.