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Creating Blocks in AutoCAD for a Mac

Blocks ensure that sets of objects are consistent while making it easy to update all instances of the object. In this module learn how to create and use blocks. First, learn how to create layers and objects to include in the blocks. Next learn how...

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External References in AutoCAD

Use this quick reference card to help you add externally referenced files to your drawings in AutoCAD.

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Layout Basic Architectural Elements in AutoCAD with the Architectural Toolset

Laying out a design in 2D is different from laying it out in 3D. In this module, you will learn how to start laying out the building plan in 3D using AutoCAD with the Architectural toolset. Starting with walls and adding wall openings for doors an...

Building 110160008
Productivity Study Highlights:AutoCADĀ® with Architecture Toolset

Autodesk recently commissioned a study comparing basic AutoCAD to the Architectural toolset (previously known as AutoCAD Architecture) for performing 9 common design tasks.

Revit architecture 2016
Getting started with Revit

A few topics in this LinkedIn Learning group include: creating & configuring a project, selecting objects, and viewing & linking other models into Revit.

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Annotation in AutoCAD with Architect Toolset

Annotate the design with text, dimensions, and symbols.

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Annotation in AutoCAD LT

Add annotations to your drawings.

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Edit Drawings in AutoCAD

Edit drawings using a variety of tools.