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Build your Forge application on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the solutions you can use to build & deploy Forge web applications. We'll walk you through it.

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Plant 3D User Community Virtual Meet Up - Asia & Pacific time

Join our monthly community webinar to hear news and information on Autodesk Plant Design solutions, ask questions of the Autodesk Plant 3D specialists and discuss with fellow members of the Plant Design community.

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Simulate 3D Shrinkage in Moldflow Insight

The most common application of Moldflow Insight in today’s manufacturing world is to predict final shape of parts and ensuring that they are within spec and will function properly.

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Creating reliable and efficient parametric models for configurations and automation

Very often we deal with small variations of designs: slightly different size, or shape, material. As a result, a lot of work invested in routine of creating alike models, instead of true engineering or innovation.

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7 habits of highly productive CAD users

True productivity is about transforming knowledge into a skill, and developing a habit one applies without even thinking. We brought together 7 habits each CAD user should consider developing.

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Electromechanical Design with Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical

Most products on the market now include both mechanical and electrical components. While this is true, the design workflows and data reuse between mechanical and electrical design are often limited or even missing.

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Design for Scale: Principles and Tools to Build Large Assemblies

Learn best practices on Large Assemblies Management in Inventor 2019 and beyond, including hardware considerations for large assembly management, optimal settings for working with large models, workflows and features to speed up your work.

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Best practices for Mechanical Engineers and Designers 8

Do some of this challenges sound familiar with your design and engineering work?
* You spend a lot of time trying to find the best tool for your task
* Not sure how to map tools to your workflows
* Seeking for a way to automate routine opera...